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Wrist Phone


Innovation is creating more on everyday schedule and we are perceiving extraordinary inspirations in this field and the things which were in the idea years prior are getting all the more near factuality.

There was time when we used to watch flying cars and wrist watch mobiles in the movies, but now its time when we can actually get our hands on one such kind of a gadget.

  LG Korea has announced their latest invention, which is the first 3G HSDPA wrist phone. This phone is named as LG-GD910 which has 1.43” color touchscreen LCD, TTS (Text to Speech), MP3 Player and Video 
conferencing capability.

Sony wrist mobile

Now the world is running behind ANDROID WATCHES(GEAR) and WRIST MOBILES. Here comes SONY with their new concept of Wrist Mobile.
Its just amazing to see this crazy technology. Sony is preparing it to launch in this summer more likely.