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Whatsapp is utilized by very nearly every single individual on the planet as it is the best informing and the most well known application yet have you ever caught wind of the new Whatsapp Plus ? Today I will demonstrate to you folks best practices to Download it for your Android Phone and how you can have  on your Android Phone without losing even any of your messages.

New Whatsapp Features :-

1.Default Whatsapp Colour is Green and now the new Whatsapp Colour is Blue you can likewise change Whatsapp Notification and also Whatsapp Icon colour to red, green, orange, purple and so on.. Isn't it cool alter the way you need.

2.Default Whatsapp media transferring farthest point is I think 12mb however in new one its default 16mb and you can head off to settings and increment it work 50mb.

3.In the old Whatsapp you were not have the capacity to send amazing Images and in the event that you attempt to send then that Image size and quality will immediately be lessened however in the new one you have the alternative to send brilliant Images without decreasing or with diminishing its size and quality.

4.In old Whatsapp you can't change colour settings however in Whatsapp in addition to you can change any colour of your Whatsapp i.e talk header colour,background colour and so on… 

5.This one you will like it in old Whatsapp you can't send Voice messages however now in new Whatsapp you can send voice messages like Wechat :)

6.In Whatsapp Plus your companions Status is indicated right beneath the visit instead of in old Whatsapp you needed to click on that companions name and afterward check the status.

7.In old Whatsapp you can't Install the topics yet in the new one you can Install Themes as it gives numerous subjects only made to you and change the entire look of your Whatsapp.

8.You can Open a persons Chat and after that check simply the media you have gained by that individual.

9.You can change message Colour too in Whatsapp Plus and also keep an alternate colour for unread message,pending senders colour in Group message, unread message foundation colour, message colour, date colour, contact or assembly name colour and so forth… 

10.You can now append additionally area and send it to your companions and can likewise send/forward different messages in aggregations too.

Before all else I might want to let you know fellows that the new Whatsapp is not accessible in the Google Play Store however you can download it from underneath :-